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formidAbility is all about creating extraordinary work that breaks down barriers and puts accessibility at the heart of the creative process. When you make something accessible for one group of people, it becomes more accessible for everybody.


We are delighted to collaborate with Signdance Collective International on our first production: a double-bill pairing Dame Gillian Whitehead's dramatic Hotspur with Schoenberg's iconic Pierrot Lunaire.

In March we spent five days at Wycombe Arts Centre exploring ways of fusing Signdance with opera, with an overwhelimingly enthusiastic response from our audience:


"Brilliant, a revelation"

"Loved it, can't wait to see / hear / feel the final performance"

"Challenges views of disability and inclusion in the arts"

Workshop presentation of an extract from HOTSPUR with reduced orchestration

By Gillian Whitehead and Fleur Adcock

in preparation for full performance of the work at a later date to be confirmed.

By arrangement with Gillian Whitehead and Fleur Adcock


Workshop presentation of extracts from PIERROT LUNAIRE with reduced orchestration

By Arnold Schoenberg

in preparation for full performance of the work at a later date to be confirmed

By arrangement with Universal Edition A.G. Wien

HOTSPUR: In 14th-century Northumberland, a woman waits on the fringes of battle, living  through her husband's final days and dreading the dark tide that threatens to engulf them.

Research & Development at Wycombe Arts Centre

PIERROT LUNAIRE: Pierrot, the wandering clown in the moonlight, imagines an embrace from his beloved Colombine.

Research & Development at Wycombe Arts Centre


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Sara Brodie

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